Medical Chatbot

A chatbot is a piece of software to conduct a conversation via textual or auditory methods. A medical chatbot is an AI-powered conversational solution to facilitate a health care provider to help patients and healthcare companies to interact providing a seamless experience.

Chatbot Vs Medical Chatbot

Build a standard service to withstand cyber-attacks or system errors. Inform users regarding the measures taken to protect their personal data. Ensure to deliver a useful healthcare product or service and create trustworthiness by proving the medical expertise to avoid bad reputation.

Creating user privacy, effectiveness, trustworthiness

– check symptoms – find healthcare services – raise awareness – support patients – send reminders to patients – maintain patient’s data – aid in billing and registration – collect feedback

Use cases of medical chatbots in the healthcare industry

Medical chatbots ask for clarification of questions regarding symptoms before offering any advice. Based on the answers given by the patients, it can identify if the patient needs immediate care or schedule an appointment with a doctor.

Checking symptoms

Patients can easily interact with medical chatbots to get assistance from the nearest hospital or clinic.  With the help of location sharing services, it can suggest healthcare facilities available in the patient’s area and provide more information on the selected facility.

Finding healthcare services

Healthcare chatbots can be integrated with EMR/EHR systems to maintain the medical data of each and every patient. Patients and nurses need not carry huge document files with them when they are meeting their doctors.

Maintaining patient’s medical data

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