Organic Social

How to handle your organic social media?

The fundamental quality is the research. For instance, if you want to buy a car you will enquire well about it and finalize buying after a test drive. Similarly, we wouldn’t sit on the driving seat of your social media unless we figure out the relevant platforms you need to lead on. Here research is a key where you should have a thorough knowledge about your audience and where they are active, beyond reviewing your industry and competitors moving within it. Moreover, we provide a comprehensive competitor analysis by devising your target audience.

If we get to know where we are heading, we should ensure our accounts as well. As part of our audit, we ascertain that your social media platforms are equipped to work competitively and engage with the right people. For

strategy and planning, we implement data insight, understand the audience, buyer personas and social listening to empower your brand to excel on social media. You can be optimistic about reaching out to the right people during the right time, and at the right platform.

Keep your content engaging, provoking and shareable because it’s not always simple or easy to get it right in audience point of view. Our proficient writers and designers create attention-commanding content and compelling visuals which highly resonates with audiences and enhances brand superiority.

No two social media strategies are alike – our clients may have different objectives, where making reports and measuring effectiveness is considered to be of utmost importance to deal with. We use advanced tools, audience insight and data analysis to drill deeply into the performance of the social media marketing by reporting it in such a way which is an easy-to-consume manner and also providing the prompt information on the ongoing strategy.

Social media marketing is not something where you can plough once in a blue moon and then relax yourself to watch it grow. It doesn’t’t end there. We should listen to the internet, engage the audience, provide customer service and answer their queries and nurture huge customer relationships. This is the process of community management, and it is based on authority, building trust, and brand reputation between these social circles.

Social Platforms

Follow & Engage with your Brand


Facebook holds an inordinate amount of user data and is efficient at target marketing


It's visual, simple and it's attracting the younger generations more than other SM Platform


Exchange of knowledge and values. Platform to know great things from Influencers


Essential feed of real-time information, able to detect highly relevant, geographically-focused trends


Find & share new ideas, which suggests that they're more open to investigating a new brand, concept, or product


Allows you to post a wide variety of content types, ranging from text and photos to video, audio, and links.


Quora is a question-and-answer website where questions are created, answered, edited and organized by its community of users.

Paid Social

Focus is on your ROI

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are the paid social channels which have superior audience targeting and data learning strategies. We can utilize these to build campaigns that drive tangible effects or results, for ecommerce and lead generation.

The paid social campaigns are based on the performance as they can deliver shorter-term results, while implementing a long-run strategy using the engaging social content. These paid campaigns have the advantage of driving instant reach, where meanwhile your organic social activity starts to gain traction.

We often deal with clients to do a complete research on their customer journey, to understand the ideal customer’s profile. After which, we conduct audience research to discover the best targeting options, to make sure that the campaign achieves its objectives.

We mainly focus on driving conversions, to deliver numerous measurable results from your ad budget. It can be so easy to drive awareness on social channels; the skill exists in building a campaign that prompts your target audience to take necessary action. Irrespective of signing up to your email list, requesting a quote or purchasing a product.

We enforce tracking on your website to build an image of the existing audience. This can be very effective to re-target your existing customers and stay in their field of view. We can also leverage this data to build lookalike audiences to expand the scale in your campaigns. This can give an outreach by targeting a group of new audiences who are likely to convert.

Great paid social campaigns demand engaging ads and a great experience on landing pages. Our internal team of expert designers create assets that drive engagement and conversions.

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